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A conversation is free

Until I started my own business I did not realize how poor I was at "selling myself". Don't get me wrong, I have never been shy to speak in a crowd nor have I ever been told I lack any confidence. But, part of running your own business is bringing in revenue to replace that salary you earned at your departed job somewhere. Therefore, I was convinced that I needed to "sell".

It took me some time to find my way and get comfortable with how this would play out for me personally. A long-time friend who I have enormous respect for and who is in the same space as I am suggested I start thinking about it differently than "selling." What he feels we do well is that we share our passions and our knowledge through a storytelling exercise. He suggested that ultimately this may or may not end in a "sale" but it will feel like you are building a potentially valuable relationship with someone. The value being attached to both deliverables but also, and maybe more importantly, to the partnership.

All of this to share that I am absolutely loving all the conversations I am having with people. Whether they lead to a commitment being made to do paid work together takes nothing away from the learning that happens in this conversation. So often, I hear something that is very applicable to an existing client or situation I am facing. And the other way around. The mere opportunity to share information leads to someone finding a solution to a problem with just a conversation. That's great! I am thrilled when that happens. I have not made what is typically called a "sale" but I certainly got a lot of value from the new relationship and much joy from being to help.

So, I encourage anyone out there who is either curious about what I am up to or who has a problem they want to chat about to pick up the phone and give me a call, email me, touch base on social media....whatever works for you. The conversation is free - the value might be massive.

Be well. Namaste my friends.


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