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A Goal Achieved

I have long felt I had something valuable to share.  And, until recently, I had been sharing at Strathcona County.  A wonderful job.  Working with lots of amazing people.  Affecting many peoples' lives.  The innovative way in which we planned, prioritized and allocated resources was very successful and continues to drive their culture to this day. 

But....I had an itch that needed to be scratched.  I wanted to be able to take what I had accumulated over my time with Strathcona County and share it more broadly.  I was excited about the value created but felt it should have a larger impact, in the region and beyond.

Lo and behold, if you continue to have creative and constructive conversations with people who share your passion for doing the right things for the right reasons, cool things can happen.

Doug Griffiths, former Minister of Municipal Affairs, current author of 13 Ways to Kill your Community and founder of 13 Ways, has been someone that was interested in Priority Based Budgeting and a teacher at Augustana Extended Education.  The topic of teaching PBB has come up but I did not feel I could devote the right amount of time to do the course justice.

Well, now I can.

Working with Chris Fabian, founder of PBB and current owner of Resource X, and having Doug open some doors at Augustana, the course will be a reality.  This spring watch for an opportunity to learn PBB from none other than excited.  Join me for some fun.  And learn how to apply logic to your planning, resourcing and execution.


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