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A New Standard in Municipal Strategic Planning

If you are a municipality that is trying to come to grips with the challenges you are facing today - whether they be the new Provincial budget, shrinking assessment due to abandoned well sites or increasing expectations from citizens, it is incumbent upon you to understand your priorities and support them in a logical way.

Congratulations to Beaver County - community, Council and administration - in their efforts to embrace these challenges and set in place the required vision to prosper. This includes not just words but clear goal statements with results that recognize the unique situations for their own community.

I was truly honoured to be asked to assist with this effort.  I am happy to say that this has meant a commitment to a longer term relationship to leverage this work and ensure subsequent business plans will be created to achieve success in these goals.  Strategic plans are not a one and done shelf document. This is hugely valuable data that needs to drive decision making. 

I can say, unequivocally, that this Strategic Plan will set a new standard in clarity, accountability and the achievement of results - even in challenging times.

Have a look at the document here.  

If you like what you see, please let them know. If you wish to discuss how we got here I would be thrilled to share our journey. It has been extremely efficient, effective and most importantly RELEVANT to all stakeholders.

Namaste friends


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