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An Enormous Opportunity

I was building a slide deck for another strategic planning effort and came across one of my all-time favourite videos. Many reading this blog will remember this well while others will be seeing this for the first time.

The reason I share this today is that I am struck by how inspirational this speech was. How well articulated the goal was and why we were tasked with accomplishing it. This was bold and visionary. The Americans did not have to go to the moon. They chose to.

What was also so very well done was that although this seemed like a monumental undertaking, President Kennedy wove the narrative in such a way that this would be just a moment in time and he spelled out how remarkable the things were that we had already achieved - together - as a species.

I feel this video is so relevant today because this too is a moment in time. We will be on the other side of this virus in a very small amount of time, relatively speaking. Yes, it will feel like a long battle but really it won't be.

Also, although the goal of beating the virus is not optional, how we leverage the BIG PAUSE we are facing right now and how we look on the other side of this is up for grabs. We can choose to reflect on where we are at as a species. We can truly gauge how well we have done at providing our species with the conditions to succeed. What does that really mean - to succeed as a species?

Is it okay to have as many people on the planet still not being able to feed themselves? Are we collectively fine with many people not having a proper place to call a home? Do we want to continue to live lives so full of anxiety to achieve material successes that we have neglected pursuing joy and happiness?

These seem like lofty goals but I am imagining so was putting a man on the moon?

And, have we not been afforded the chance to really think long and hard about a re-do?

Namaste my friends. I hope this finds you well and you continue to be safe.


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