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Back to normal is not good enough

At the risk of this striking a nerve with some I must share that I have heard many people share that their work has become a bit more "normal" in the past week or so. They have shared that it is a "new normal" in that they may be seeing fewer people around unfortunately and their routines are a bit different but if they are able to work it is becoming a bit more predictable.

What this has meant as well is that many who enacted emergency procedures or even formal emergency operations centres have likely scaled these back if not closed them altogether. This is no longer, for many, an emergency as much as it is following new protocols that are mindful of the new normal. Some folks have had to change what it is they do but are getting comfortable in doing it.

What this should mean is that there is time to start pondering what things should look like after this "event". And by this I mean not the day to day operations, although those will no doubt be different, I mean the BIG PICTURE.

This is valid for organizations, individuals and families. The time is now to truly reflect on whether it makes sense for you to try and replicate the conditions that existed prior to the virus taking hold of our lives or can we ask ourselves critical questions.

For an organization - questions like "Do we have the right goals in place today that will allow us to reach the vision we have set in place?" "Is there untapped potential for bigger and bolder things we have previously thought unattainable?"

For an individual - "Are the hours of my day bringing me enough joy or am I experiencing too much stress and/or anxiety?" "Have I been too busy doing things that I have not contemplated their purpose?"

For a family - "Have we ever sat down and talked about where we are going as a family and how we feel about where we are today?" "Are our routines consisting of tasks that we have really never given much thought to?"

If we are not thinking about this NOW - WHEN will we? It will be too easy to fall back into the routine that existed prior to now. And many will see this as a success. I challenge us to think BIGGER. I would be surprised if pressed with a question like "Were you completely satisfied that everything we were doing prior to COVID 19 aligns with a well thought out and very defensible plan?" that many would be able to answer "yes".

We should leverage the fact that we are not "going through the motions" right now. This is already a disruptive time. I have heard arguments in the past that "we just do not have time to spend on a strategic plan right now" or "it is really important that we get things done not sit around and plan". Well, if we cannot confidently say we are 100% satisfied that everything we are doing aligns with a well thought out plan, we are afforded the time to fix that right now! We can no longer be satisfied with merely "getting things done" - these need to be the right things, things that will forward an ultimate goal. A goal crafted with mindful due diligence and attention using the time we have right now!

I doubt we will ever have another opportunity as blatant as we have now to devote time to being BETTER than we were before. Let's use it. Let's reach our FULLEST POTENTIAL.

Namaste friends. I am here to discuss anything and everything you wish to. Best.


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