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Be the Change You Want To See

We are just on the other side of a Provincial election in Alberta. The electorate chose change for the second election in a row. The biggest voter turnout in decades determined the results. A win for democracy, inspiring actually!

I will not get into any ideological discussion about the results. Those who know me will understand where I lie on the political spectrum. This was the most divisive election I have witnessed in Alberta and I have lived here my whole life. I feel a lot of this was because of the effort made by all parties to discredit the other in any way possible. And I believe we are still not as polar opposite as things appear in the US.

I will share that I will always champion education as I believe it to be the best investment possible into a bright future. Education of not only our youth, but our young adults in post-secondary institutions and adults wanting to add skills in a new trade or sector of the economy. And I strongly believe that the biggest impact we have on the future is not necessarily only through government but through our own individual actions. 

For instance, my passion for education may mean that if I am displeased with the government's efforts in this area, I will lobby and advocate for more investment in this area. I may go and visit my children's school and see where there are gaps that I see and try to understand if there is something I can do to assist either the school or the teacher. I may even decide to fill a gap with some time spent with my child and I learning what I believe is lacking. And yes it may mean me investing resources personally in my kids' future. 

And yes, I realize that others may not be able to do as much as I might financially. My point is that it is up to me to recognize what it is I want the future to look like and make a conscious decision to do what I can, personally, to improve the chances of that future becoming a reality. This might be in many different areas: social inclusion, healthy living or the environment.

Wise words - Be the change you want to see in the world.

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