Be the change you want to see

I am inspired by many. My kids, my wife, many friends. I have some go to historical figures as well and Gandhi is one. When I am struggling with my place and feel somewhat helpless to impact things going on around me I come back to this saying.

It can seem overwhelming at times with the enormity of everything that is going on in our world. Your feelings are real. And they should not be dismissed. One thing I like about this quote is it gives you, individually, the power to start somewhere - with yourself. If you only look at the whole world and you see it through filters that, more than ever before, require some critical thought, you can easily feel the smallness of your impact.

However, if you are able to see what is right in front of you and affecting your most immediate and intimate thoughts, feelings and desires, you make it very possible to have a big impact on the world that surrounds you. You start to see your own impacts on your circle of friends, family and close colleagues. And, you need not be blatant and deliberate about impacting their world. Leading by example is what it is often referred to.

The other part of the quote is intriguing to me and often makes me wonder if people have asked themselves what it is they wish to see in the world? How can you really chart a path yourself and act accordingly if you have not figured out your ideal future? How can you model something if you have not seen it yourself?

I felt compelled to share this quote today for many reasons.