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Happiness for your Family

It has been a week or so since I launched The Happiness Blueprint. Hosted on the course walks families through a process to create a plan to achieve more joy in their lives today and every day into the future. It is a marriage of my background in strategic planning and experience in implementing Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) and applied to the family.

It can be found on and I encourage you to check it out and pass it along to anyone you feel may get value out of this type of work.

What I did not do when I launched the course was share my own family experience going through the course work and our results. Therefore, here you go.

The Happiness Blueprint - Team Rudyk
Download PDF • 462KB

Also, what I need to share is that going through the process itself was a joyful experience. We were all able to learn a little more about what we are experiencing in our day to day lives away from each other - the good and the challenging things. We creatively mined the work we did together to come up with goals to further our family happiness. And now we are recognizing times when we are making progress and other times when we can ask ourselves whether we need to think more closely about some of our decisions. All our interactions have been even more productive than they were before because we have so much more intent and focus collectively.

Excited to hear your stories as you take the journey yourself. I am already hearing some amazing things from some who are.

Best to you friends.


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