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Heroes We Hear Little About

This is Aitzaz Hasan. My guess is you have never heard of him before. Well, he has been an inspiration for me for quite some time. In fact, since January 7, 2014. The day after he died preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school with 2,000 fellow students inside. His selfless and courageous actions likely saved hundreds of lives.

I learned about the event in the paper the next day. However, I had to look hard to find it, second section and several pages in, if I remember correctly. Even today, google events on that day and see what you find.

Steven Seagal might run for Arizona governor.

Denis Rodman went to North Korea for Kim Jong Un's birthday.


Why did it have to be so hard for this story to be more front and center that day, let alone now? Why do we have to search to find heroes? They are out there. And  guess what, they are more likely just like you and I and not a celebrity.

This also happened in Pakistan. A war ravaged part of the world. Perhaps we are numb to stories out of places like these? However, maybe we should make a special effort to find good news out of places just like this? It may make it easier to think that there is good everywhere in the world rather than give into typical media stories that share mostly horrible news.

Anyway, a short story today, but hopefully an impactful one. I am not certain how many people read these blogs - more every time given the stories I am hearing. Maybe you will be motivated to share a positive story like this the next time you are with someone and negativity about the world comes up.

Here is the Wikipedia page on this brave young man. Woefully short given the potential for an inspiring story.

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