It's all about priorities, isn't it?

Ever since I started It's Logical I have been continually preaching about priorities. Whether it be to my municipal clients, my non-profits, businesses or even families (yes, families). The script remains the same - let's determine what it is that is truly the most important to you.

To me this is just, well, logical. It drives everything we should be doing. Why continue to support things that do not support your priorities?

I do encounter times when someone suggests they just do not have the time nor the money to sit down and prioritize. "The work just ends up on the shelf..." is what I sometimes hear. This is why you do this work and do it well. Your culture is not there yet. You cannot recognize the value derived from supporting only those things that drive priorities. The culture needs to change.

Well, here we are and if recent events have done nothing to improve the prospects for proper attention to priorities I am not sure what will. This might inject a culture of fear - not ideal but can be very effective.

Right now is exactly why determining your priorities is so important. We do not have the time to sit back now and try and figure them out. And this is more than an emergency response (typically shorter term), this is what we like to call business continuity. What has to remain in place for our public for the next several months and what can be put on hold?