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It's ok to not be ok

So - here we are a few weeks into the world being a very different place. Everyone on this planet is facing something most of us have never faced before. No wonder we are feeling a bit anxious.

What I hope you are doing is allowing yourself to have those feelings. This is not an easy situation we are facing. We are such social creatures it is only natural for us to be out of sorts when we cannot gather as a group and lean on each other. Add to that the fact that things we took for granted like a pay cheque or investments we are/were counting on are taking a hit. Perhaps some friends and /or family are particularly challenged at this time?

Give yourself the permission to feel emotions like stress and angst. This is normal.

What I am trying to do for myself that might be of interest for you is concentrating on my self care and self nurturing. At the same time as allowing for some grief - I am ensuring that I am seeking out time for joy and happiness. We all know of some things that give us those feelings. Make a point of finding a space for them.

You could also share this time with others in some pretty creative ways. I used my social media feeds the last little while to share with others what I was grateful for during these challenging times. I invited others to share as well. Gratefulness is an emotion that is known to inspire joy and happiness in people. And, if you make a point of noting what you are grateful for over a two week stretch it has a tendency to become a habit. You start doing it subconsciously.

I share this hoping that you might find a way to both allow for those trying emotions to take place while also finding a space for other more joyful emotions. Dwelling on the negatives and judging yourself for feeling a certain way will only mean spiraling into something worse.

If you feel you need to touch base with someone and are challenged to figure out who that should be please reach out to me. I am not promising you anything other than someone who will listen.

I hope this finds you well. This too shall pass.

Namaste friends.


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