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Just do good

The image here is synonymous with doing good. Superheros do good.

Although it may seem right now we need a superhero to help us out - I feel we don't. We all have it in us to find where we can do good. We just need a bit of courage to go ahead and do it.

For me, I have just recently signed on to more formalize my working realtionship with my good friend Ian McCormack. Ian is the President of Strategic Steps Inc. He has a reputation, built through the years, of a well respected and trusted advisor to many in the municipal sector and the broader community. We have worked together in the past year and we have recently decided that I would add value as a Senior Consultant.

There are many reasons for me to enter into this new endeavour. Ian has had my respect for a long time, I feel we work together well, we certainly have different attributes we are bringing forward (as witnessed by an eye opening profile comparison) which I see as a positive, he has leveraged his work and reputation to establish Strategic Steps Inc. as a leader in Canada but perhaps simply put I feel this allows for me to really increase my ability to do good.

Perhaps we could have come to this conclusion sooner but rather than dwell on the fact that it took time I am extremely happy that we have pulled the trigger and got this done. And back to the theme of the blog - I feel we both enthusiastically believe this increases our ability to do good.

I share this for a couple of reasons. To update those who are interested in my journey as a new entrant into the business world but to also encourage you to leverage this time to seek out ways in which you can do good. It will be powerfully motivational for you. And it is likely to be contagious as others around you see the good you are doing.

I would love to hear your progress. There are many ways to reach me. Please share. I get great joy in hearing positive stories.

Namaste friends.

Kelly (

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