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Marketing the Happiness Blueprint

Hi everyone. I hope all is well for you and your family. Challenging times like these certainly highlight the value of an effort to surround yourself with happiness.

Please have a look at the video. Provide me with thoughts if you can. I will be looking for ways to make the courses more visible and reach as many people as I can. Your help with that is appreciated.

To wet your appetite on how to inject more joy into your life I also thought I would share 3 fairly simple steps you could consider.

  1. Discover what makes you happy. It sounds really easy until you realize that you have likely never carved out time that is devoted to figuring this out. Good chance you are like most everyone out there and you think you know what brings you joy. My guess is that you probably know when you are feeling happy or experiencing joy. Yet you do not intentionally make note of it, nor make efforts in the future to place yourself into a position to experience this more.

  2. On that note. The next step that you should consider taking is to look for those opportunities to experience that event, situation, person that brings you joy more often and with intent. Be focused. Perhaps the reason you have not done this before is that it takes time and effort. This is true. However, you should afford yourself the time to pursue this joy in your life and give yourself the permission to stop doing something else. It is very likely this "something else" is not only not providing you joy but increasing your stress.

  3. Once you are doing the things that bring you more joy, sharing your intentional journey with others will do a couple of things for you: keep you more focused on the task at hand and potentially inspire someone else to see value in doing the same. You should be proud of this work. Adding joy to your life and to the community around you is contagious. And certainly right now we could all use a bit more joy.

If these steps seem to make sense to you and you have enjoyed the video I strongly encourage you to check out

This is where the portal to the Happiness Blueprint course lies. It also shares some more personal information about me and why I might be the right person to take this journey with.

Be well everyone. Namaste.


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