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Moneyball for Municipalities

Please have a quick read of a recent article in the Sherwood Park News. It is from our Mayor Rod Frank. He participated in the recent Priority Based Budgeting Master Class that I hosted through a partnership with Municipal World Magazine.

Mayor Frank brings up the term Moneyball. This became popular in the world of Major League Baseball when the manager of the Oakland As was devising a way to compete with other teams who had little to no constraints in terms of their budget to spend on salaries. The result was delving into what might be termed today as "advanced stats". In short, what were the skills required of players in different positions that lead to the most wins. Was paying to acquire the players who hit the most home runs translating into winning more games and subsequently championships?

The Mayor is suggesting that he will not necessarily be looking at the end result of a budget first (a tax rate - wins in baseball) but mining from within that budget to see which of the items (programs) move his municipal government closer to winning more championships (in my opinion providing the most genuine well being). Ironically, successfully mining for value and not thinking lowering taxes first, leads to a smaller ask for more resources due to reallocating and repurposing within programs and forgoing resource asks in those lower value programs.

The same strategies can be applied in any organization, in any sector and even on a more personal level for individuals and families. I highly encourage you to check out if you are intrigued about these concepts on that personal level.

Best to you all.



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