Redefine Your Win

Do you like to win? I do. In fact I am not sure I know someone who does not like to win.

When we talk about winning we used to talk mostly about winning at games. These could be games of chance, strategy games or fun games within our friends or family. These tended to be games that were on the lighthearted side. We also would watch our favourite sports team and cheer them on to hopeful victory and get a lot of enjoyment along the way.

I feel, right now, we are at a point where winning has become less enjoyable and more something that is expected as well as something that we tend to be judged on. You are successful if you are winning at something - whether that be a game, sports, your job/career or your marriage/family life. 

Why exactly this is the case I am not quite sure. When I researched the question, volumes of theories are out there. Many bring up the capitalistic world in which we live in. Others say we are still not that far removed from the combative nature of the earlier versions of our species.

Regardless of why, what I believe this has done to us is added a level of stress that might not have been as prevalent if one was able to see the win as the journey and not the end. And this stress is ironically a factor that leads to less successful results when trying to achieve a goal.

For an organization, this win mentality is showing up as individual work units, whether they are a department or a branch, competing for resources with their counterparts in the bigger collective. The win shows up in one area getting more budget or resources than another. Congratulations on missing out on what the bigger win might have been - success in organizational goals and the healthier workforce culture that comes with thinking more globally.

For individuals I sometimes see people charging ahead in their career or health goals while perhaps neglecting family goals.