Serious about fixing Bandaid Budgeting?

On April 8th I will, once again, be spending the day teaching the ins and outs of Priority Based Budgeting (PBB).

You have heard me talk about this budgeting methodology for a long time now. If you have ever been intrigued but wondered how you could learn more - here is your chance. We spend a day learning about PBB and then applying those learnings in a very practical - hands on - series of exercises. In essence we go through every step of building a priority based budget and have you armed for building one when you leave.

I always have a good look at the feedback from former "students" and am very pleased to say all have seen value in attending and wanted to bring back their experience to their own municipality. I will also say that the room need not be filled with just municipal staff or Council members - non-profits, community groups, private business would all benefit.

I encourage you to strongly consider attending. Especially if you have been hit hard by recent Provincial budget announcements.

I look forward to seeing you on April 8th. Please share with anyone you feel would benefit. We actually make a day about budgeting fun.