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The Big Pause

I hope this finds you well and your close with your family.

The world feels different today. Events over the past week have caused much concern and anxiety. What I first, admittedly, thought was a version of the flu has turned out to be a bigger deal.

I will not go into detail about things you likely already know.

I have been thinking however about what this might mean going forward. Our collective lives have been disrupted like never before in my life. I have landed on calling it The Big Pause.

Many people will not be working, kids are likely to be staying at home, businesses will stay open, travel will be restricted, sports both big and small look to be cancelled or postponed.

Does this afford us the chance to take a deep breath and truly look at what is the most important things in our lives? Are we able to focus on the health and well being of our friends and family? Can we be generous with our time and help out others who might need it right now? Perhaps we can reconnect with someone we should have long ago?

Many of my previous blogs talk about priorities and often I suggest that those priorities are richer when they involve furthering happiness. Maybe The Big Pause can be that pivot people need right now to reflect? Reflect on what it is that makes us happy. It will be needed the next while for certain. But if it is so beneficial now, why wouldn't it continue to be so after this passes? Because this too shall pass.

Maybe being home with your kids might help you recognize that time with them is precious and you want more of it going forward? Maybe highlighting health concerns makes you want to pay greater attention to your overall health after this?

I also hope that this dampens the rhetoric coming from a world filled with hyperpartisanship. If ever there was a time to put the collective good of everyone ahead of everything else, would it not be now? And if we are to do this, can we not just keep doing it after this is over? Can politicians start focusing on the very same things that we are seeing as our priorities right now?

It is my genuine hope that you and yours find your way through this trying time healthy and happy. Bring out your board games, stream an old favourite movie, curl up with a hot beverage. Togetherness will be very important right now and always.

Namaste friends.


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