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The Happiness Blueprint launch

Many of you may recall my hints about something I have been working on that I was very much looking forward to sharing with you. Well, despite the anxieties that come with sharing with the world, I am very proud to launch "The Happiness Blueprint".

This is a course I created during the recent COVID 19 pandemic. The course itself is a combination of my work experience in strategic planning, my enormous belief in the benefits of Priority Based Budgeting and my passion to add value in as many ways as I possibly can. And, of course, as the title suggests my passion for assisting others to bring joy into their lives, in a very focused and intentional way.

I mentioned the pandemic and it was one of the factors that put a fire under my but to get to where I am today with the course. Because I tend to be more of an optimist, especially more recently, I have been encouraged by many of the stories I have been hearing from friends, family and colleagues during this Big Pause. The stories are largely about how they have made an extra effort to connect with their inner circle in ways they never had before. Or they have come more appreciation for outdoor activities or taken up a new hobby or are learning something online. I strongly believe that we are clamoring for the feelings we get when joy is injected into our lives. And, I am extremely motivated to help others wishing to find more joy, both now and after we are on the other side of this pandemic.

The course takes a family through an old school SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis to find out, together, what their current situation is (a baseline). The family is then guided toward the creation of a family strategic plan (my family plan is included as an example) complete with future goals they wish to achieve, results that complement those goals and assist with measuring success and ultimately action items that will move the family forward together.

Here is what my own family's Happiness Blueprint is looking like.

The Happiness Blueprint - Team Rudyk
Download PDF • 462KB

This did not just happen. It took time and effort on our part. However, the time and effort was enjoyable and so worth it. We now have more clarity around what we want in our lives than we ever did before. We have recognized where our time and spending was not providing things we really wanted and are moving those hours or dollars elsewhere - where joy resides.

The actual document was created using a free resource

There are numerous tools suggested in the course that will add value to the journey. Banks are providing customers with a very robust way to look at your finances and expenditures, as are credit card companies and even some stores. Fitbits can certainly be helpful to see where we are spending our active time. And calendars are not what they used to be....our phone is a hugely valuable resource to find out a lot about our current lives.

All of this to say, anything worth doing, which I sincerely believe this is, is worth doing well. And I really want to help wherever I can. It would, admittedly, provide me so much joy myself to help anyone out with this work.

Please do have a look at the course at and/or visit for a broader look at what I am up to. And pass this onto anyone you feel might benefit from at least talking with me about this.

Also, stay tuned for more courses to come. All under the banner of LogicalU.

Thanks so much my friends.

Namaste to you and your family.


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