The Honour of Service (Guest Blog by Ian McCormack)

When I asked him what he’d like me to write about as a guest blogger for It’s Logical, Kelly suggested that “I would love to hear about an inspiring moment of public service you have encountered or something that has you excited for the future.” That requires some thought and therefore becomes a challenge. Before I began to write in response to that request, I spent some time thinking about what it really means.

To me, public service is more of an avocation than it is an expression of a point in time. A person’s aptitudes can lead them towards seeing the value in service and, if they’re true to that part of their makeup, they’ll be providing service to society through a number of channels over a number of years.

I’ve seen lots of public servants who express that value through small things like being on the parent council at school or participating in a bottle drive for a charity. Some will take it further and belong to a service club or take a leadership role in their faith community. Yet others will make a career out of public service. Some will work for the government and become a - capital letters - Public Servant, while others will still put their effort into serving others in many ways that don’t involve getting a paycheque from one order of government or another.