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The Launch

Finally .... I did it.  

I have started my own business.  After having spent over 28 years working for Strathcona County, I have resigned to pursue something different.  I will be working for myself under the banner It's Logical.

You have likely heard me state that I strongly believe that things happen for a reason.  Well this is another instance of that.  The timing of this change could not be any better and many stars have aligned to make it so.  

1. Strathcona County just approved a new 4 year operating budget, a five year capital plan and are on the cusp of approving a 4 year corporate business plan.  

2. Council has recently approved their revisions to the next 4 years of the Strategic Plan.

3. Priority based budgeting has been embraced by Strathcona County as a driving force for decision making in future years.

4. The department I used to lead, Corporate Planning, had been realigned to marry strategic planning, business planning, budgeting, long term fiscal policy/planning, performance planning/execution and reporting.  The department is full of talented people ready, willing and able to realize the potential within the department.

5. My strong friendship with Chris Fabian and the Center for Priority Based Budgeting/Resource X and our shared passion to help municipalities get better has lead to a strategic alliance partnership to grow this mission in Canada!!!

6. I have been approached by a good friend and former MLA Doug Griffiths (13 Ways) to teach a course on priority based budgeting.  This has long been a desire for me to share with others.  As the company name suggests, implementing PBB - It's Logical.

7. I have always preached to my children that following their passion is critical to being happy.  If you feel unfulfilled and are wondering why you are not satisfied with your current situation, you have the ability to do something about it.  

8. Not surprisingly, my family is 100% supportive of this move.  Thank you guys.

9. Last November, my mother passed away.  I wish she had lead a happier life.  I do know her kids were her life.  Great for us, but she sacrificed a lot.  I know in my heart, my Mom would want this for me.  I believe that part of this move is for her.  Knowing her sacrifices helped me achieve something meaningful would make her happy.

I am new to this so I will be leaning on many people for advice.  I thank you all in advance.

Also, as I am now on my own I will be looking to get my name out there as much as possible. If you know of anyone, anywhere who would benefit from having a chat with me please try and link me up with them.  You never know where a logical conversation might lead.


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