What if being lazy was a good thing?

Anyone who has read my blogs in the past knows of my practice of meditation and my desire to apply mindfulness, more intentionally, into my life and my business. I have seen great benefits both personally and professionally. The benefits, I believe, become felt by my family, those around me and my clients.

When I find something, while using some of the tools discovered along the way, I am oftentimes compelled to share. So, with that in mind, let's talk about being lazy, shall we?

The taboo of laziness

Traditionally when we think of the word lazy it is certainly thought of as a negative trait for people to have. I always envision the lazy teenager, whether this is myself, in my earlier years, or a more generic lazy teenager on almost every family-based sitcom in history. I think we can all recognize this character.

Teenage Kelly in the top row, far left. Do you still believe in the stereotype of the lazy teenager?

For others, it might be something more current than that. Perhaps a lazy co-worker? That person, who every time you see them they seem to be staring into space or into their computer screen seemingly doing nothing. While you are running around trying to do something, anything, to stay ahead of the demands you are facing. Sound familiar?

Mythbusting our conceptions of laziness - A Toyota case study

There are numerous studies that suggest that those people traditionally considered lazy score higher on IQ tests, live happier and more fulfilling lives and, believe it or not, end up being overall (long term) more productive and achieve better work-related results than those considered more ambitious. A lot of this has to do with both stress and something I like to refer to as being "thoughtfully precise".

A good example of an industry where being "thoughtfully precise" comes in handy is engineering.

Any product built these days is likely to have a useful life that is attached to it. Take a car for example. After poking around with some statistics online it seems the average life