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You Have Value, Share It.

Friends, this will be brief but I do hope it is impactful.

Everyone has something to share. Everyone has value and can contribute to something bigger than themselves. And given that opportunity everyone sees huge benefits. It is up to you to ensure that you share that value.

If you have not been given ample opportunity to share that value ask if it is you getting in the way or something else. If it is you - try and recognize what it is that is holding you back. Confidence? Platform? Your job?

I feel that you must give yourself the best chance to succeed. So, choose employment that aligns with that which you can excel and add value to something bigger. This will inspire that confidence required to continue achieving great things. And expand the platform from which you can scream.

So, I ask that you consider the following.

Are you currently sharing the value you know you can bring? Trust your gut on this. If yes, awesome. Find someone who is not and help them to achieve what you have. But, if not, seek out some support from your place of employment to move you into a place where you can add that value.

This may take the form of approaching your supervisor/manager/director about planning how to get there. It may mean finding someone you know and trust that is adding that value and ask them for advice on how to move forward. You may also know of training opportunities that will assist in this movement.

If you seek out this support and cannot find it ask yourself if there was something missing in your approach. Were you crystal clear about what your intent was? Did you make this effort with some passion and impress upon others that you mean business? If not, try again. This is too important to not make the effort.

If you try again and are not feeling supported, this is where things get interesting. I think you have to start looking at your current situation. Are you aligned well with the goals and aspirations of your employer? Are they strong advocates for growth in their employees? Do they have a strong reputation for empowerment and innovation? Can you see yourself being successful in this new path? If the answers to these questions do not inspire you to stay you owe it to yourself to begin looking for a better match for your aspirations and a place where will thrive.

Believe me, when you are in a place where you know that you are sharing the value you can bring and it is appreciated the feeling is incredible and has impacts on so many other parts of your life. I genuinely want this for everyone. And it is very attainable. Go get it!

Namaste friends.

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