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Creating Value while having fun

If you are not being asked to help create value chances are you are not enjoying what you are doing.

It's been far too long since I posted a new blog. Good news is that the reason for that is because I have been quite busy. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with several municipalities creating new strategic plans and then, more importantly, leveraging that work to embed priorities into a strategic planning framework to make evidence based - data driven decisions.

This is what I call creating value. Value, as defined by Merriam-Webster is the "relative worth, utility, or importance" of something. When we go to the effort of determining priorities in a strategic planning session we are setting the table for determining relative worth, utility and importance of those things we do currently.

Some of the things we currently do (programs, services, projects) will be more valuable than others - right? And, once we know where value lies, we can and should make the effort to adjust in a way that maximizes the value we are creating - right? And, done in an inclusive and inspiring way, this is fun - yes? From my experience this is not only possible it is happening right now in many places.

The visual above is the It's Logical process for creating value throughout a municipal strategic planning process. From the plan itself, through introspective service work, performance, budgeting and engagement.

Invite Curiosity

Every stage of this process is improved by inviting curiosity from those involved in the areas noted. This leads to courageous questions from those required for long term success. And building value together inspires people to want to do more.

Value the process and be intentional

Part of your thinking, up front, should be that we want to inspire. A strategy in doing this is tapping into peoples' emotional reasons for being where they are. I believe people are motivated by wanting to do great things. And what greater accomplishment than creating value for citizens as they build their lives in our communities?

I invite you to have a peak at previous blogs, learn more about It's Logical or share a thought by checking out the rest of the website at

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