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We appreciate that organizations are valuable in their own distinct ways. We will support you in fully understanding your capacities so you can build on them. Focusing on your most important assets, we will help you take decisive action that reflects your unique strengths.

maximizing your value

To fully capture your needs and help fulfill your objectives, we will work in close collaboration with you. Our work will always begin with your lead. With our relationship-driven approach, we will aim to gain a true sense of your needs through genuine dialogue. 

building a genuine relationship through collaboration

We are dedicated to ensuring that you meet your objectives. We will take the necessary steps with you to help you complete your goals, and to help you build towards sustainable action and decision-making.

helping you stay disciplined

We know that working with diverse stakeholders can be challenging, but effectively engaging with those affected by your decisions leads to impactful and sustainable action. With our relationship-based methods, we are suited to advise and support you in developing responsible and fruitful relationships with your partners and communities. 

helping you build transparency &


An Award-Winning Strategy 

In 2017, when Kelly Rudyk acted as the Director of Corporate Planning, Strathcona County received a CAMA (Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators) award for the implementation of Priority Based Budgeting in communities. 

Drawing inspiration from Priority Based Budgeting and receiving an endorsement from its founder, Kelly continues to use PBB as a foundation to support municipalities and nonprofit organizations through innovative strategic planning process.


what is priority based budgeting (pbb)?

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