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Strategic Planning

Our process utilizing Priority Based Budgeting is designed  to maximize value and help your team stay disciplined by building transparency and accountability. 

With our relationship-driven approach we aim to gain a true sense of your needs through genuine dialogue.

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The Happiness Blueprint

We use blueprints for buildings and other structures to plan for the future of our businesses, communities and organizations.


What about the most crucial units of our society on which everything else is built—the family and the individual?

A portrait of Kelly Rudyk, President.

Kelly Rudyk, President

Kelly has extensive experience in pushing the boundaries of strategic planning and building alignment with organizational functions.

He is also passionate about teaching intentional focus to bring forth both immediate and long-term happiness into our lives.

Our clients: Beaver County, Lamont County, The City of St. Albert, The City of Wetaskiwin, The Town of Westlock, Westlock County and The University of Alberta Augustana Campus.

Priority Based Budgeting

An award-winning strategy for our clients

LogiKelly Podcast with Kelly Rudyk from It's Logical Strategic Planning.

Reconnecting with Resource X

Conversations with the creator of Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) Chris Fabian. An inspiration for big picture thinking in government. 

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Pondering the task manager function, Kelly encourages you to seek what you forgot is "open" and taking up so much of your time and effort.

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Nudge Theory

What is nudge theory? Check out Kelly's publication in Municipal World Magazine: Applying Nudge Theory in Local Government.

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Innovative Strategic Planning


Feature Video

What is Priority Based Budgeting (PPB)?

Watch Kelly's interview on The Breakdown - a web series on Alberta politics.


1 hr   |   Let's Chat ​

Mayor Ralph Leriger

Town of Westlock

“Kelly was part of a team that worked on our ICF with Westlock County. The end result of this work was very much in question as is the case with intermunicipal work. Kelly brought to the table strong advice, a determined effort to progress and not falter as well as an easily recognizable desire for all parties to leverage an ongoing genuine relationship into the future.


I am pleased to suggest anyone who has the opportunity to work with Kelly will see tremendous value and have a relationship with someone who cares about your ongoing success.”

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