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Meet Kelly Rudyk

Kelly is a University of Alberta graduate with a Major in Economics and a Local Government Certificate. This inspired his career at Strathcona County, to which he dedicated nearly 30 years.  As Director of Corporate Planning, he received a Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) Award for the implementation of Priority Based Budgeting, a tool he now uses as an independent consultant to help improve the lives of families and the operations of organizations and communities.

Drawing inspiration from Priority Based Budgeting and receiving an endorsement from its founder, Kelly continues to use PBB as a foundation to support municipalities and nonprofit organizations through innovative strategic planning processes.

A portrait of Kelly Rudyk, President.

My Story

Family and relationships are the most important things in my world. My wife and I have nurtured our two children and grown a very close-knit family built on trust and mutual support.


Every day I am grateful to see how the many tools we’ve given our children help them to grow and succeed.

But my life wasn’t always like it is today. I have overcome many obstacles and gained great strength in doing so.​ As one of four children raised by a single mother on the run from an emotionally and physically abusive husband, my childhood was one of constant upheaval and difficulty.


When my mother finally remarried, she did so for security, and the torment of another abusive relationship degraded any hope for a normal life. I have since lost her to cancer, and a sister to suicide.  

I believe I am so exceptionally committed to my family’s success because I watched my mother’s constant struggle to find happiness. She fought so hard for it her entire life.


She gave so much love and fought so hard for me and for my siblings, and for that, I fight for and cherish happiness every day.

The Happiness Blueprint comes from an enormous desire to share the passion I have for strong families.


I know firsthand what an intentional focus to bring joy into our lives can do for both immediate and long-term happiness. Too often we think it is in the end, when we reach our goals, that we will find happiness. We work long and hard to finally achieve it, when in fact, intentionally finding joy in all we do means finding happiness now.​

Kelly standing with his wife.
Kelly Rudyk and his wife.


It's Logical Strategic Planning 


The Happiness


Our strategic planning process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools, knowledge and passion they need to succeed. We work together taking steps toward knowing your vision with absolute clarity, understand the steps required to move toward your ultimate goal and allocating your resources to maximize value.

The Happiness Blueprint is our new, hands-on course for enhancing happiness in your life and a practical application of strategic planning methods day-to-day. We take you through a step-by-step guide to design the life and relationships you truly want as well as to experience more of what genuinely matters to you. 

Business colleagues at a meeting.
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